My name is Sandra van der Hooft, I live in the north of the Netherlands in a very small thorp where residents really are down to earth. 

I am the developer of the Natural Birth Course and I am so proud of it. I am married and we have 4 children. My family is very important to me. In our house are also living two dogs and I like to walk with them in the woods or fields. I love nature in all its aspects. 

I have worked in Birth care for 14 years.  I am a hands-off expert because of my own pregnancy and births.  In my job as a pregnancy teacher and maternity nurse, I have gained a lot of experience in assisting childbirths. 

The past 10 years I noticed a big change in Birth Care. Women are getting more and more insecure about Natural Birth. Fear increasingly comes to the fore.  I think that is regrettable and all the professionals should work on it,  instead of turning a natural process into a medical process 

Even in our Country, Natural Birth is becoming more and more a medical birth. And we were a Country know of homebirth. My mission is to give trust and confidence back to women so Natural Birth is the standard and not a medical birth.

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