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I was pregnant with my first child, and the hormones screamed through my body. I could not have imagined in advance how much of an influence those hormones would have on me. They had a major impact on my mood changes throughout the day. Then, Out of the blue, I am crying at the counter in the Supermarket. The cashier, a young girl, is completely confused. My husband says to the cashier, “Don’t worry, SHE IS PREGNANT”.

During both my pregnancies, childbirth and the years after. I was not aware of the value of proper preparation, knowledge and possible help after childbirth to be able to process this  emotional rollercoaster.


After the Birth of my childeren, I worked hard on myself and eventually (of course much too late) sought help in processing al of my emotions around  pregnancies and births. I have done training/workshops in the field of personal development, yoga, mindfulness and read a lot of books. In my search, I got to know myself and I could process my experiences. I wanted to be able to provide the same for other women so they did not have to suffer like I did, I just wasn’t sure how to do this.

Then I knew! I became a Birth Teacher. This allowed me to guide women and their partner during pregnancy and prepare them for their birth. The chance of a negative experience would decrease considerably. The knowledge was there.

After the course, I always had a baby show day when all the babies were born. Then they told their birth stories and how everything went after the baby arrived. It turned out that many women found the maternity period and a struggle. I was inspired by the stories

I decided to go into maternity care to support women in the postpartum period. As a self-employed person, I was able to give it a twist of my own. I followed various training courses, immersed myself in traditional postpartum rituals from other cultures and applied them in my work as a maternity nurse. Families and obstetricians were very enthusiastic about the way I work. Along the way, I noticed that it didn’t give me enough satisfaction, and I was looking for more. I wanted to support women at a deeper level.

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I had nursed a mother who had had a very traumatic birth. During the maternity period, you could not really notice that she had a lot of trouble with it. You see this often with new mums. They are being lived in the first period. There is no time to stand still and see what happened. A few weeks after the maternity period, she told me that things were not going so well and that she had much trouble with processing birth. As a result, she found motherhood a struggle, and she was pretty gloomy. That was the AHA moment for me that I thought I want to do something with this. I recognized this all too well. I want to be able to mean something to these women.

All the knowledge and experiences I have gained over the past 15 years are now coming together. I re-invested in myself to develop specific skills and knowlegde. I have discovered my passion.

There is nothing better for me than helping a women through their birth process and helping them walk a path where they can accept how their birth went and fully embrace motherhood without struggle. It is easier than you think!




I am here for you

So that you don’t have to do it alone and we can quickly get you back in balance. You take steps to process a traumatic birth and learn to cope with the big chance of becoming  a mother.  You can sleep wonderfully at night because your head is not spinning with all negative thoughts, that gloom has given way to positivity. You can start enjoying motherhood.

You can be yourself again in your new role as a mother, partner and especially as YOU.

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