About me

I am


Feeling of failure, not doing well, sad and no room for yourself
my wish for you
Room to breathe, positivity and live your life the way you want it without obstacles

How it all started

I did not grow up in a stable and loving family. I’ve struggled with this for years. I now have a good and loving relationship with my mother. My father is out of my life.

Ultimately, they all have our story. This is part of life. This shapes you.

At the age of 17, I was completely exhausted one evening. For me, this was the moment when I realized that things had to be done differently. I couldn’t go on like this. And yes I have had assistance and constantly tell my story again. Somehow that never resonated with me. I couldn’t find what triggered me and gave me the tools to continue. This has resulted in me looking for HOW THEN.

I have worked hard on myself, done training/workshops in the field of personal development, yoga, mindfulness and read a lot of books. In my search, I got to know myself and I was able to give my experiences a place. This is what I wish other women too.

I worked in Birth Care for 15 years and guided women with their negative thoughts about pregnancy, childbirth and brand new parenthood. With this you can think of; uncertainties, trauma processing, postnatal depression, etc.

From this experience, I have noticed how many women struggle with this. Not feeling good enough, little self-love, difficult to say no and so on.

Gradually I noticed that my work in birth care was not satisfying me enough and I was looking for more depth. Being able to support women on a deeper level. Then I made the switch to my coaching practice.

All the knowledge and experiences that I have gained over the past 15 years now come together. Invested in me again to develop certain skills. Yes, I have discovered my purpose in life.

For me, there is nothing better than walking a path with women so that you can accept how life goes. In the end, we all get our share. It is how you deal with that and what you allow. Some methods and techniques make it easier for you. This is possible faster than you might think now

My mission is to give women back control of their heads. Making decisions based on positive beliefs and not negative beliefs or fears.

I am here for YOU!

So that you don’t have to go that long to get back into balance. You take steps to continue with a traumatic experience, Fears or Stress. Sleep well at night because your head is not spinning with all the negative thoughts, that sadness has made room for positivity.

You can start to enjoy life.

You can be yourself. The true YOU

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