Your Journey into parenthood is one of the most amazing experiences.

It starts with Birthing your little miracle!

In this journey, many of the decisions you are going to make can be a huge impact on your lives and that of your baby.  Birth is lifechanging


Nature did design the woman’s body for it, and your body knows what to do. What could be better than that your mind and bodywork together so that you can face a relaxed and fulfilling birth? It is possible to be in your strength. You are making choices based on knowledge and beliefs. You trust your body and the process of Birth. 



I have worked in Birthcare for 14 years. I have seen the switch when women have trust in their body and strength. I see their strength in motherhood when they had a relaxed and comfortable birth. These are life events that are very valuable for the rest of your life. You deserve to face this adventure with confidence and conviction of your own ability

What I can do for you!



❀   Learn to relax your mind so your body can do the work
❀   Discover your own strength.
❀   Knowledge of the whole process of Birthing
❀   Mindset for your whole life
❀   Preparing for motherhood
❀   Breastfeeding

What will be the results

You will be ready to welcome your baby. You prepared yourself mentally, emotionally and psysically for your baby’s birth. There is a Birthplan and you are aware of the options so if things change you can make an informed decision.  You can do this!

You are prepared for Motherhood and the Maternity period. 

My Offer

✰  5 weeks course
✰  5 group live call of 1 hour on Zoom
✰  Access to a Learning environment for;
✰  Breathing Techniques  
✰  Relaxation exercises
✰  Video’s about Dilation, Pushing, Meet your baby etc.
✰  Information about umbilical cord, hospital bag, placenta ect

$ 495,-




For you there is a early bird price as a member of The Natural Birth Experience

$ 495,-

Discount for you as a participant of the 3 Workshops

Extra Bonus: 1 Hour Private call on zoom

this price is valid until 19 Aug 12.00 P.M


$ 295,-

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And of course you get Great Bonuses

Bonus 1

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 It is a suprise

My name is Sandra van der Hooft. I live in the north of the Netherlands in a very small thorp near a big forest. I am the developer of the Natural Birth Course, and I am so proud of it. I am married, and we have four children. My family is very important to me. In our house are also living two dogs and I like to walk with them in the woods or fields. I love nature in all its aspects. I have worked in Birth care for 14 years. I am a hands-off expert because of my own pregnancy and births. In my job as a pregnancy teacher and maternity nurse, I have gained a lot of experience in guiding childbirths. The past 10 years, I noticed a big change in Birth Care. Women are getting more and more insecure about Natural Birth. Fear increasingly comes to the fore. I think that is regrettable and all the professionals should work on it, instead of turning a natural process into a medical process Even in our Country, Natural Birth is becoming more and more a medical birth. And we were a Country know of Natural homebirth. My mission is to give trust and confidence back to women, so Natural Birth is the standard and not a medical birth.

What my clients say?

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John Doe


The course made me aware that I have to relax during labour and that you have to go with us. It also helped me to pay attention to my breathing during labor. This brought me into my "bubble". I knew that natural birth was possible after caesarean section, but because of you I also found that you have more choices than you think.

Nieke Groenewold

Sandra is a fantastic maternity nurse who gave us a dream start during our maternity period.

Yvette Hooghof

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