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The Natural Birth Experience

5 weeks Online Course with Live moments...

The online birth preparation course 5 weeks of information online and on demand, designed to help you for a natural birth. 

You can work through it at your own space. You can repeat modules. You can do them together with your partner. (I prefer that you do it together with your partner)  You can watch it, listen to it, read it at any time in any place.

There are 4 Live Masterclasses in which I elaborate on some topics. And there is room to ask questions.

You have 5 month access to all information. So after the 5 weeks you still can repeat everything.

Starting 4 november 2019

Why preparations work!

How it works!

When you know how your body works. What’s the process of labour is.  Then you get trust and you know what to espect so you can work along with your body

Breathing Techniques!

You get breathing techniques you can practice trough your pregnancy. This breathing techniques are proven to help women trough labour.


 The birthing muscles are beautifully orchestrated to work. When you are tens of having fear there will come limited oxygen and blood in the birthing muscles and they can’t do there job to open. Relaxtion practice will help you with that.


Confidence can be a big problem through labour. When women follow a course they get more trust and believe that natural labour is possible. In the Online Live Masterclasses you can ask all your questions and we will discuss a Birthplan.

It's all about Women


I  am a Dutch Birth Nurse and believe women have the power to give Birth naturally

Nature did design the woman’s body for it and your body knows what to do. Make sure you are in your own strength. That you can make choices from knowledge and beliefs. The choices should be made in consent with you and not for you. It is very important that you going into labour with trust and not with fear. You should trust your body and the process of Birth. 

Here I was working as a sister with a family. The family slept and I could cuddle with the baby

How Sandra helped me!

Marjet Sorgdrager

I highly recommend the Online Natural Birth course. Sandra explains well what you can expect during Birth. Without turning it into a heavy theme. She knows a lot about natural birth and gives a lot of opportunities to ask questions about it. if something is unclear or if you have doubts about something. She gives a lot of information and keeps it light.

Harriëtte Roerink

I experienced the course as very pleasant. Sandra has a sober but positive view on giving birth. Despite a dreadful birth of my first child, I have gained trust and will aproach my second birth with confidence. The material that she treats is very complete. Also the contact with the other student (s) in the masterclasses is very nice and valuable. Thank you Sandra!

Yes I am ready! I want to prepare for a Natural Birth!

Online group course

  • Video's on demand
  • Relaxation exercises
  • Breath techniques
  • information after Birth
  • 5 month acces
  • 4 Online Live Masterclasses

Privat course 1:1

  • 4 Live Calls 1 hour 1:1
  • Video's on demand
  • Relaxation
  • Breath techniques
  • 4 online live Masterclasses
  • 5 month acces
  • information after Birth

More testimonials !

Claudia Kapma

Sandra is a fine and lovely nurse with a great amount of knowledge! She took good care of me and my daughter during the postpartum period, but my husband and son were not forgotten either! She ensured sufficient rest and regularity. In addition, she has a lot of experience in the field of breastfeeding, carrying and care in a natural way. But she certainly does not shy away from other ways of care! She follows the vision of the family without avoiding her own! We have received many great tips from her that we are still applying! We therefore recommend Sandra without hesitation!

Yvette and Niek Hooghof

Sandra is a fantastic maternity nurse who gave us a dream start during our maternity period. Very competent in all kinds of areas and always ready with good advice. We also had a really good time with a lot of laughs. Thank you Sandra for a wonderful maternity period!

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