Your journey to parenthood is one of the most special experiences with many challenges.

You are not alone

In this journey, many of the decisions you are going to make can be a huge impact on your lives and that of your baby.  Birth is lifechanging

Are You Ready To Feel Better?

The first question is always: what makes you feel that way? In daily life, we ​​often start working on all kinds of “solutions”, usually on the advice of others, before we have asked ourselves what the “problem” actually is. You cannot answer a question that has not been asked. Often getting your question or problem clear gives a lot of insight.

I help you to get to those answers, especially by asking the right questions. In this way, you gain more insight into yourself and your problems and handles to feel better and to function better. Usually, between 2 and 4 calls are sufficient to be able to continue. I’m not a therapist. I’m not going to dig into your past. Things from the past can, of course, be essential and will receive attention.

After Birth

for traumatic birth and / or somberness

✰  4  online/live 1:1 calls
✰  4 weeks course “ME COURSE” 

Your Investment



Fear for Birth

✰  4  online/live 1:1 Calls
✰   5 week course “The Conscious Birth Experience
✰  1 year access 
✰  5 live groupcalls during the course

Your Investment



What Clients Say..

Claudia Kapma

Claudia Kapma

I supported Claudia and her family during the postpartum period.

Sandra is a fine and lovely nurse with a great amount of knowledge! She took good care of me and my daughter during the postpartum period, but my husband and son were not forgotten either! She ensured sufficient rest and regularity. In addition, she has a lot of experience in the field of breastfeeding, carrying and care in a natural way. But she certainly does not shy away from other ways of care! She follows the vision of the family without avoiding her own! We have received many great tips from her that we are still applying! We therefore recommend Sandra without hesitation!

Emma Berg

Emma Berg

Followed Privat Course, I assisted the Birth and was there during the postpartum period.

Sandra was the winning lottery ticket for us. By following the private course I experienced peace and I confidently approached my birth. 

She has guided me in a soft and trustfull way, but also my husband, during the delivery. This gave me confidence during my birth. 

During our postpartum period she gave me a lot of confidence as a starting mother, by answering many questions extensively, and by showing me that I did well as a mother. 

Sandra is a valuable addition in such a vulnerable period. She coordinates what is needed and looks at what is good for the whole family. And she has humor and sobriety, I wish many new families such an engaging companion for a new beginning.

Nieke en Jasper Wever

Nieke en Jasper Wever

Followed The Conscious Birth Experience. I supported Nieke during post partum period.

The course made me aware that I have to relax during labour and that you have to go with the flow. It also helped me to pay attention to my breathing during labor. This brought me into my “bubble”. I knew that natural birth was possible after cesarean, but because of you I also found that you have more choices than you think.

Thank you so much Sandra. I had a ‘dream” Birth

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you signed up and payed, you can start immediately.

The live calls are 5 repeating calls. So you can participate in the whole period of 9 months the 5 calls. When it suits you

This course is for you if you want:

  • a conscious and relaxed pregnancy
  • a  conscious and satisfied birth
  • want to work on your beliefs
  • you want to feel confident
  • Want to be sure about your choices
  • Want to be well prepared
  • you want to feel supported
  • wants to be seen and heard


  • you do not want to prepare for your birth
  • you do not want a relaxed and conscious delivery
  • You fully follow the care providers and agree with everything
  • you don’t want to be seen and heard
  • you want a medical birth (without medical reasons)

To be honest it never happened! I don’t do refunds. 

I’m committed to support you, to help you in a very personal way so you can have a positive birth experience. That’s why I don’t do refunds!

They will be at the end of an European workday between 4 PM/CET/Paris and 6 PM/CET/Paris * 10AM/EST/New York and 12 PM /EST/New York but don’t worry if you can’t participate then there will be a recording. So you don’t miss anything…

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