Your Journey into parenthood is one of the most amazing experiences

It starts with Birthing your little miracle!

At least this is what you dream of, but at the same time
you are scared of the whole process?
Let me help you!

In this journey, many of the decisions you are going to make can be a huge impact on your lives and that of your baby.  Birth is lifechanging

Nature did design the woman’s body for it, and your body knows what to do. What could be better than that your mind and body work together as a team. So that you can face a relaxed and fulfilling birth?

Discover your inner strength. Have no fear only trust. You are making choices based on knowledge and beliefs. You trust your body and the process of Birth. 

Why do I know this?

 I have worked in Birthcare for 14 years. When I attend a woman in labour. I immediatly can see if she prepared herself for birth. Whether she has taken a course or has collected information in another way. When a woman knows how a birth process proceeds and also learned breathing techniques and relaxation exercises. Then you see the trust, peace and surrender.

I have seen the switch when women have trust in their body and strength. I see their strength in motherhood when they had a relaxed and comfortable birth. These are life events that are very valuable for the rest of your life.

You deserve to face this adventure with confidence and conviction of your own ability

Here’s what you’ll learn in
The Conscious Birth Preperation

Over 5 week, I walk you through the entire process of preparing for your best and most Balanced and Fulfilling birth. 

I prepare you not only for your birth but also for the postpartum period. You’re faced with quite a lot this period and many women become overwhelmed. The postpartum period is a fierce period, which can have be a physical and mental rollercoaster.

I help you prepare for your entire path to parenthood during your pregnancy, birth and the period after birth.

I make sure you know what to expect and have tips and tricks to apply. You have 1 Year acces to all the information and you can ask me question at all times in the private FB Group.

I’ve got your back.

What I can do for you!

I give you all the knowledge you need to make this whole process around birth clearer and familiar for you instead  of scary and overwhelming. Knowledge is power and when you know what to expect you can be more at ease when welcoming your baby into this world

I teach proven breathing and relaxation techniques that can be applied during labour. If you get the process of birthing then you know exactly what to do and how to do it when it’s time for you.

I also provide tips and tricks for the partner so that they can support you even better.

Mindset and visualization exercises will help you to replace fear with trust and confidence in your own power and strength

You get everything you need to know to have the best birth experience for you, whether you are in the hospital, birthing centre or at home.

I can’t plan your birth for you; your baby will do that when it decides it’s time Winking Face on Google Android 10.0

I can help you to get prepared to be ready and really at ease

What will be the results

You listen to your body

You recognize the signals that your body gives you. You are aware of how your thoughts can stimulate your body. You are aware that body and mind work together during your birth.

We have done exercises together to learn to listen to your body even better. We work on positive thoughts and limiting beliefs.
You are physically and mentally ready to enter birth.

You are Confident

The conscious birth experience is more than just a birth class.

It allows you to grow your self-love, giving you more confidence. It makes you aware of your body and how to be proud of yourself.

You will feel so good about yourself and your body. You are ready to welcome your baby

You are Relaxed

During your entire pregnancy, you can have moments of tension, feeling stressed or being overwhelmed. Some breathing techniques can work very well to regain balance at that moment. Besides, you provide your body and baby with extra oxygen.

You know precisely when you are relaxed or when you are stressed. You learned to listen to your body, and you know what your body needs.

Multiple relaxation exercises are available to you. These are proven exercises. Relaxation is the key to giving birth. The more you can relax, the better you open to birth your child.
More relaxation means more harmony, energy and more balance in your life. It means less worry and doubt and more clearness and clarity about what you really want.

You know what you want

You have a solid Birth plan. You and your birthing partner gained insights into what you find important during labour. You can communicate with your caregivers and the people who are present at your birth to inform them about your wishes.

I went through the birth plan with you. We have discussed everything that may be important and why you can make individual choices.
You have a written Birthplan and also a visual Birthplan to take in your hospital bag.

By making a birth plan, you have gained insights, and this makes you and your birth partner feel more confident.

You are good Informed

After the course you are well informed about the possibilities and risks. You know where to get the information you need.
You are able to make decisions based on knowledge and your intuition. You get a lot of information about the birth process. How it works physically and what you can contribute to making the delivery easier. This knowledge also allows you to make better choices if the situation changes before or during birth.
When you are pregnant, giving birth, and in the postpartum period, it is your responsibility to make informed decisions for yourself and on behalf of your baby. It is your legal right to give or deny permission for care.

You know how to use Breathingtechnique

You practised the breathing techniques; you know what breathing techniques can do for you. Which method you can use for specific phases in your labour.
Together we practise and discuss breathing techniques during your pregnancy. These breathing techniques are proven to help women through labour. When you start early in your pregnancy with these breathing techniques, it will be an automatic reaction if labour starts — also it’s very beneficial during pregnancy.
During your entire pregnancy, you can have moments of tension, feeling stressed or being overwhelmed. Some breathing techniques can work very well to regain balance at that moment. Besides, you provide your body and baby with extra oxygen.

My Offer

✰  5 weeks course worth $ 250,-
✰  5 group live calls of 1 hour on Zoom worth $ 500,
✰  Breathing Techniques  
  Relaxation exercises
  Postpartum period
✰  Video’s where I explain the whole process from
     pregnancy till you meet the baby
✰  PDF’s about hospitalbag, shoppinglist baby ect.. 
Rebozo technieks  worth 150,-
✰  Breastfeeding video  worth $ 100,-
✰ 1 Year access
Total worth

$ 1000,-


  Your Investment

$ 395- 


Here's what Clients are saying about the course

Mirjam Craig

Mirjam Craig

Followed The Natural Birth Course

Sandra has a warm, personal and relatable style which feels very supportive while also conveying her extensive knowledge!

For me practicing the breathing exercises became a part of a new pregnancy relaxation routine.  I feel empowered and can reflect on what I can do to override or navigate my birth-related fears and take control in certain situations.

Joining the Natural Birth Experience is for you if you have prepared your hospital bag/home birth kit but need to work on getting your mind ready to bring new life into the world.Reflecting on the power of language to transform my thoughts/behaviours.

It has a holistic/whole-person approach, supported by a warm facilitator and small group of like minded mums-to-be

Thank you so much for your knowledge en trust.

Inglika Pendrova

Inglika Pendrova

Participated The Conscious Birth Experience

Sandra has great knowledge and provides good tips to help you focus on your mind and body in a positive way in preparation for birth.

The practical exercises especially the visualisation really helped me to think of birth as a positive and natural experience and brought positive beliefs into my mind.

I will recommend you to go for it, because it will provide you a great mind frame and put your mind into ease about the birth of your child. 

Thank You Sandra!

Harriëtte Roerink

Harriëtte Roerink

Followed The Conscious Birth Experience. I assisted Birth and was there during post partum period.

I experienced the course as very pleasant. Sandra has a sober but positive view on giving birth. Despite a dreadful birth of my first child, I have gained trust and will aproach my second birth with confidence. The material that she treats is very complete. Also the contact with the other student (s) in the masterclasses is very nice and valuable. Thank you Sandra!

3 Reasons why Sandra van der Hooft is the ONE who will help you prepare for motherhood and a conscious and fulfilling Birth.

Reason 1

Sandra lives and works in the Netherlands. The country known of as the  natural (home) birth country. 

Reason 2

She has worked in Birth care for 14 years. She is a hands-off expert because of her own pregnancy and Births. As a Birth teacher and maternity nurse, she gained a lot of experience in guiding childbirths.

Reason 3

The past 10 years, she noticed a significant change in Birth Care. Women are getting more and more insecure about Natural Birth. Fear increasingly comes to the fore. She thinks that is regrettable and all the professionals should work on it, instead of turning a natural process into a medical process. Even in her Country, Birth is becoming more and more a medical birth.

Her mission is to give trust and confidence back to women, so Natural Birth is the standard and not a medical birth.

More Clients..

Claudia Kapma

Claudia Kapma

I supported Claudia and her family during the postpartum period.

Sandra is a fine and lovely nurse with a great amount of knowledge! She took good care of me and my daughter during the postpartum period, but my husband and son were not forgotten either! She ensured sufficient rest and regularity. In addition, she has a lot of experience in the field of breastfeeding, carrying and care in a natural way. But she certainly does not shy away from other ways of care! She follows the vision of the family without avoiding her own! We have received many great tips from her that we are still applying! We therefore recommend Sandra without hesitation!

Emma Berg

Emma Berg

Followed Privat Course, I assisted the Birth and was there during the postpartum period.

Sandra was the winning lottery ticket for us. By following the private course I experienced peace and I confidently approached my birth. 

She has guided me in a soft and trustfull way, but also my husband, during the delivery. This gave me confidence during my birth. 

During our postpartum period she gave me a lot of confidence as a starting mother, by answering many questions extensively, and by showing me that I did well as a mother. 

Sandra is a valuable addition in such a vulnerable period. She coordinates what is needed and looks at what is good for the whole family. And she has humor and sobriety, I wish many new families such an engaging companion for a new beginning.

Nieke en Jasper Wever

Nieke en Jasper Wever

Followed The Conscious Birth Experience. I supported Nieke during post partum period.

The course made me aware that I have to relax during labour and that you have to go with the flow. It also helped me to pay attention to my breathing during labor. This brought me into my “bubble”. I knew that natural birth was possible after cesarean, but because of you I also found that you have more choices than you think.

Thank you so much Sandra. I had a ‘dream” Birth

Frequently Asked Questions

When you signed up and payed, you can start immediately.

The live calls are 5 repeating calls. So you can participate in the whole period of 9 months the 5 calls. When it suits you

This course is for you if you want:

  • a conscious and relaxed pregnancy
  • a  conscious and satisfied birth
  • want to work on your beliefs
  • you want to feel confident
  • Want to be sure about your choices
  • Want to be well prepared
  • you want to feel supported
  • wants to be seen and heard


  • you do not want to prepare for your birth
  • you do not want a relaxed and conscious delivery
  • You fully follow the care providers and agree with everything
  • you don’t want to be seen and heard
  • you want a medical birth (without medical reasons)

To be honest it never happened! I don’t do refunds. 

I’m committed to support you, to help you in a very personal way so you can have a positive birth experience. That’s why I don’t do refunds!

They will be at the end of an European workday between 4 PM/CET/Paris and 6 PM/CET/Paris * 10AM/EST/New York and 12 PM /EST/New York but don’t worry if you can’t participate then there will be a recording. So you don’t miss anything…

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