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Being Pregnant become a mother is such a life changing event in you life. The whole process from pregnancy to motherhood. Physically and mentally you go through a whole change as a woman. You come across yourself, being surprised by your inner strength, overwhelmed by love and confronted with qualities that you had never thought you had it. Birth gives inner power and wisdom.

“Is it possible to give birth in my own way?”

Absolutely! It starts with believing in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself then the people who help you won’t trust you either. 

It also depends on how ready you are for this experience. Can you surrender to the process? Can you release all the negative stories. Do you have faith in your body? Do you have faith in your own abilities

How ready are you for this experience?


Why is it so essential to prepare during your pregnancy? To discuss your uncertainties, ask questions, be together with women who are in the same phase. It is important to prepare for childbirth during your pregnancy. Preferably at an early stage.
If you already start during your pregnancy with relaxation exercises and breathing techniques, then you will benefit during your pregnancy and certainly during your birth. Your body gets a sort of automatic pilot. The moment you think of a relaxing exercise or music that you use during those exercises, your body will respond immediately.


Now you are pregnant, and then you have to give birth. What do you feel when you think about giving birth? It is so different how women think of it. The one finds it exciting, the other scared and some are looking forward to it. It is good to prepare so that you will not be overwhelmed and that you can have the best birth experience for you.


Women prepare for pregnancy and especially for childbirth. If the baby is there then the biggest challenge comes. Women do not prepare for this and are often greatly surprised by it. How great would it be if you received tips on how to deal with,some situations, speak about your worries and have fun about the silly moments…. That you can join a community of women who are all in the same phase of their lives. How wonderful that is.

What Clients say

Miriam Craik

Sandra has a warm, personal and relatable style which feels very supportive while also conveying her extensive knowledge!
Joining the Natural Birth Experience is for you if you have prepared your hospital bag/home birth kit but need to work on getting your mind ready to bring new life into the world. It has a holistic/whole-person approach, supported by a warm facilitator and small group of like minded mums-to-be

Harriëtte Roerink

I experienced the course as very pleasant. Sandra has a sober but positive view on giving birth. Despite a dreadful birth of my first child, I have gained trust and will aproach my second birth with confidence. The material that she treats is very complete. Also the contact with the other student (s) in the masterclasses is very nice and valuable. Thank you Sandra!

Emma Berg

Sandra was the winning lottery ticket for us. By following the private course I experienced peace and I confidently approached my birth. She has guided me in a soft and trustfull way, but also my husband, during the delivery. This gave me confidence during my birth. During our postpartum period she gave me a lot of confidence as a starting mother, by answering many questions extensively, and by showing me that I did well as a mother. Sandra is a valuable addition in such a vulnerable period. She coordinates what is needed and looks at what is good for the whole family. And she has humor and sobriety, I wish many new families such an engaging companion for a new beginning.

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