roodborstje vliegend grijsklein
roodborstje vliegend grijsklein
roodborstje vliegend grijsklein

Free yourself from Stress and Trauma

 Are you struggling with stress, negative feelings or bad memories? 

Do you have complaints that limit you in your daily life?

 Bad memories and experiences can have a significant impact on you. 

As soon as you start working with me, you will experience that you will feel much better. 

Already after 1 meeting.

You are worth it !   Take control of your thoughts !

I can help you to transform your negative experience so that you can look back on the memory, experience without having a large emotional charge on it.


Take Control of Your Thoughts!

Matrix Methode

The method was devised by Ingrid Stoop in the Netherlands and is constantly developing. This makes it safer, faster and more effective.

The MatriX method is a solution for fears, trauma, emotional problems, inexplicable (pain) complaints, difficulty remembering information, full head, burnout and stress. Without negative side effects.

For Whom?

We can take a lot in our life, but sometimes it becomes too much. Bad experiences will hinder you. You would like to get rid of that.
The threshold is sometimes high because you do not want to experience it again by telling the whole story. Maybe you have already done that several times and that is not the solution.
Do you think it’s time to get rid of that for good NOW! Take control of your head and life back. On the way to peace and order in your head and happiness and vitality in your life. You will learn how to neutralize your unpleasant experiences step by step with your own imagination without having to share the content.
For whom?

FOR YOU, if you have to live with the effect of a trauma.
FOR YOU, if your life is ruled by FEAR
FOR YOU, if you have been bullied
FOR YOU, if you have a bad memory.
FOR YOU, if you want to have a quiet head.
FOR YOU, if your head is spinning around

The MatriX method is a safe, fast-acting intervention technique for many mental and psychological issues, without sharing the content of the problem.
This approach applies to clients with a clear need for help. Even if other help has already been applied, without the desired result. And even if someone is unstable or untreated.

The MatriX method is so effective because I guide you to discover the only and effective solution to your problem for yourself.

The solution is never in a pill or someone else’s head, but always in the head of you.
Everyone has a practical brain. Everyone also has their own inner experience and their own solution for mental and psychological impediments.

The practical explanation of the MatriX method is the MatriX working model.

“Logic takes you from A to B and imagination takes you everywhere.”


You determine how the culprit is dealt with. Facts remain, but the inner experience is addressed, neutralized and replaced.
All senses are used for this:


For more information please contact me.

Or go straight for it!

It’s time to free yourself.

Are you Ready?

Matrix Coaching

It depends on what your request for help is what you need. I start with one session. See if it is enough or if this works for you. When you need more I have a package of 3. You never need more.

NLP Coaching


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